It’s rare to achieve great success on your own. It helps to have a network of support around you. This can include loved ones, but a trained professional can also be a part of your support team. Many big success stories come from people working with life coaches. If you are looking for a success story of your own, you might need a life coach. If you have big goals and dreams but are struggling to achieve them on your own, a life coach could make all the difference. Hiring a coach can be a big investment, but it’s an investment in you and your future. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether or not you should hire a coach.


Working with a life coach can help you create a clear vision and live into your happiest life.


There are a number of reasons for needing a life coach. If you are struggling with any of the following issues, there is a good chance that hiring a life coach could provide you with enormous benefit.

You don’t have a clear vision.

Whether you are planning to start a business, are looking to move forward in your career, or are hoping to achieve a new goal in your personal life, having a clear vision can make all the difference. A coach can help you get clear about the specifics of your vision. Having a clear vision will help you achieve it more quickly.

You’re struggling with confidence.

How confident you are can also make a big difference to your success. Low confidence is often rooted in pain from past experiences. A coach can help you heal and move forward from that pain. As you let go of some of this pain, you will become more confident and happier. This will open you up to achieve your goals.

You’re struggling to enact the patterns of behavior that will help you achieve your goals.

If your patterns of behavior are not matching your goals, you’re going to just stay in a holding pattern and never get anywhere. A coach can help you break out of this rut of self-destructive behavior. A trained professional can help you commit to your goals and get on the right path.


Working with a coach can help you build confidence to tackle whatever life throws at you.

You’re in a period of transition.

Transitions can be incredibly stressful and they can bring up all kinds of feelings. Because there is always an element of uncertainty with a transition, anxiety is natural. Rather than constantly venting to loved ones, you can let go of some of that stress by sharing your feelings with a coach. A coach will provide you with the necessary support and will help you make your transition in a positive and successful way.

You’re irritable.

Feeling crabby all the time? Snapping at loved ones or co-workers? Living in a continual pattern of hair-trigger reactionary behavior isn’t fun for anyone. This behavior is often a sign of deeper feelings and anxieties. A coach can help you work through this so that you’re not awful to be around.

You want more purpose.

Are you feeling unfulfilled? Do you wish your life had more meaning? A coach can help you find that feeling of purpose and sense of self. This can apply to both your career and your personal life.

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Working with an experienced life coach can really help you clarify goals and find your best life faster than working on your own.


You might think you should save money and just be your own life coach. After all, why not spend that money on something else? It’s technically true that you could probably do the work on your own. Chances are, though, you’re not doing it. You may know what you need to do, but your goals are still sitting there incomplete. Some people can do the work on their own, but many people see enormous improvements by involving a third party. A coach helps you actually do the work. A coach helps you clarify what you want. A coach helps you get there faster. Hiring a life coach is an investment in your personal development. You can certainly try doing it on your own. However, if you’re not getting anywhere after some self-coaching, it’s time to invest in yourself by getting some outside help.


When you hire a life coach, you need to carefully consider your options. It’s important to find a coach who is the right fit for you. Most plumbers are going to be fine choices to fix your toilet, but not every coach is going to be the right person for you. To choose a life coach is a very personal decision. Before you hire a life coach, make sure you’ve taken the time to interview them and see if they are a good fit. Most coaches will give you a free mini session to help you both determine if the match is a good one. Once you hire a life coach, make sure the first few sessions confirm that the coach is a good fit for you. If not, try again until you find the right coach for you.

Do you want to be resilient and live an Unstoppable Life?

I coach people to create and live fully into lives that make them feel truly unstoppable! I coach people into living their happiest most successful lives. That means short-term, practical coaching that allows people to learn, for themselves, the tools and skills to create an unstoppable life, from this day forward. I know what it takes to live the kind of life that is truly happy and fulfilled and I want to share it with as many people as I can, that’s why I became a life coach.