A Resilience Coaching Framework Developed Over Years

A Personalized System That Works

  • We invited Amy to coach for our men’s fitness and health program and were consistently impressed with the way in which Amy so adeptly helped men on their individual journeys. Many of our clients have gotten back to us to thank us for the experience of working with her and have emanated gratitude for the the experience.

    Sean Program Director, Man-Up Health
  • The way in which Amy spoke with me during our initial session instilled within me a real sense of urgency to love and care for myself out of a sense of pride. Her coaching has helped me to live it; not just speak it.

    Robert Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Every time I talk with Amy, I come away feeling that she has seen a deeper quality in me, appreciating something that others don’t understand about me. I thank her again for that. Ultimately, Amy got me to a place where I felt like I had action items that made sense for me.

    Natasha Musician & Yoga Instructor
  • I discovered new and helpful ways to problem solve in my day to day life. Amy helped me see things through perspectives I had never before explored. I found it much easier to handle stress in my life.  Thank you Amy!

    Maggie Grad Student
  • What Amy does feels organic and natural. She is a world class listener, who makes me feel what I have to say matters. I hope other people try Amy’s coaching and get as much out of it as I am, I leave feeling so positive and excited about each session and the changes I am creating in my life.

    Dave Landscaper
  • I love Amy’s energy as a coach and how she is able to roll with the punches, and convey acceptance while doing so.  She introduced me to some yoga-based techniques and I know that there is actually neuroscience to support techniques like that, to support cognitive flexibility and shift. they were not techniques I was familiar with from my own training so I learned something new there, too.

    Felicia Clinical Psychologist
  • Amy connects… Amy connected with everyone in our group, motivating each one of us to look at one’s life with a new clarity and reflection. She provides great tools to be successful in creating significant changes in life.

    Linda Marketing Director
  • A question Amy asked in a workshop really connected with me…”How do I see myself in 10 years?”  That made a difference because, if I don’t change and try to achieve my goals, I’ll be exactly the same in 10 years! Doesn’t make change any easier, but sure gave me the drive to put the changes into place.  Thanks Amy!

    Andree Program Director
  • I appreciate Amy’s thoughtful approach to life coaching. Amy created a foundation that seems very pragmatic and clear, leaving me as the client feeling confident in the process and of a positive outcome.

    Becka Farmer & Mom
  • Amy is the kind of person who enriches the world around her. She’s not here to impress anyone with BS, she tells it like it is, real and raw. I’m a yoga instructor just getting started off on this part of my journey, and Amy has been a blessing in my life; such a giver. She helps me to see the big picture, and has the experience and perspective to give excellent advice without it feeling overbearing. I always look forward to our interactions as I know I will come away a better person.

    Farrell Yoga Instructor & Personal Trainer


Let’s start with An Unstoppable Life application we can determine what success would look like for you, and whether life coaching would be a good fit…

  • Amy’s approach is at once kind and challenging. I found my work with her to be a starting point to many of my career, personality, and relationship successes. She removes the helplessness we all sometimes cling to and replaces it with action.

    Kayleigh Writer
  • I was at a really low point in my life, with no real direction during a turning point in my life. I was unable to organize my own thoughts or leverage my talents and Amy helped me discover my inner strength. My relationships, both business and personal, have improved as a result.

    Zachary Financing Broker/Consultant
  • I love how Amy’s life is filled with her own learning about how to face and embrace the very things her clients are struggling with. She’s been there herself, so she knows how to help you when you’re there, too. If you have a chance to work with Amy, don’t hesitate, she’s one in a million.

    Lauren Marketing Communications
  • In just a short conversation, Amy was able to help me create a complete mental reset about my upcoming career change. In less than 15 minutes she was able to help me see what was really important to me and what would allow me to shift into being truly happy and reinvigorated in my career.

    Paul Senior Sales Executive
  • There are people in this world who immediately feel like you’ve known them forever; like they’re your instant best friend – the kind of friend that won’t let you get away with being anything but amazing. Amy is this kind of person and more. Easy to talk to and comfortable to be around with a disarming wit and brilliant intellect – Amy is your key to moving to the next level.

    Michael Director of Bus. Dev. at Go Digital Metrics
  • While I have only known Amy for a short time, it’s clear that she is a “mover and a shaker.” When she sets her sights on something, she just goes for it. Her confidence is admirable–especially for a woman–and I suspect is one of the reasons her clients are attracted to her.

    Pam Development Professional at GoodWorkPlus
  • Amy is currently one of the best life coaches in the marketplace. Because of her background in photography, as well as her listening and intuitive skills, she has the ability to see patterns and light in the places that are often impossible for us to see. Because of my work with Amy, I was able to finish my dissertation on the doctoral timeline, and at the same time create a document that I can say is truly authentic to who I am. If you are looking to create an unstoppable life that attacks fear head-on while embracing self-compassion and self-love, Amy will get you to the finish line.

    Bradley Founder and Creator at Unlock Your Breath®
  • Working with Amy as a life coach is a great gift to give yourself. Amy is a patient, kind and effective life coach. In my experience working together with Amy Kosh, I highly recommend working with her.

    Rochelle Registered Dietitian
  • Amy has an incredible ability to see, understand and resolve the blocks that prevent you from stepping into more of your life experience.  She has a gentle way and a natural gift to visualize the block and describe it in a way that completely makes sense to the client.  She has extensive communication skills to facilitate a clear pathway to moving forward.  Thank you!

    Michele Owner Nikoe Natural Therapies


~ Swami Sivananda