A quick, 5-minute meditation to balance your energy and give you a boost.


Allow yourself to sit comfortably with a straight spine and lengthen through the back of your neck so it’s easy to breathe. You might shrug your shoulders around once or twice just to loosen them up, then allow your hands to rest gently on your thighs, palms up or down. Take a deep breath in and let it out with a sigh, releasing anything that is on your mind at this moment. Give yourself the next five minutes to calm and ground.

Imagine tucking your feet even more deeply into the earth. Allow your feet to be flat on the floor or on the ground. Imagine that you’ve wiggled your toes even more deeply into the earth, feeling the warmth from the earth coming up through your feet, up through your legs, and into your whole pelvic area. And as you draw that warmth of the earth up into your body, imagine that it carries with it a vibration of bright green light.

You have this sense of moving upward from the center of the Earth. The warmth, the support, and the energy moving up into your body. Allow it to move upward beyond your pelvis into your belly and allow each inhale to draw that energy and warmth and green vibration further upward into your chest. Breathing it up into the top of your chest.

With the next breath, breathe it up into your throat and notice if you feel an expansion or a loosening in your throat.

Allow that warmth to come up the back of your head and imagine it filtering into the center of your entire head and expanding outward in a comforting, warm, energetic vibration. Allow that green brilliant energy to move upward and out the crown of your head, spilling down outside of your body in all directions, in all dimensions, pooling underneath your feet.

Imagine drawing more bright green energy up from the center of the Earth. Moving upward through your legs, through the center of your body, filling all the nooks and crannies in your body. Draw that green brilliant energy up your entire body. Allow it to spill down your arms and out your fingertips. You can imagine it dripping off your fingertips to be reabsorbed by the ground.

Draw the energy up through your neck and head and allow it to spill again out the top of your head in all directions, in all dimensions, pooling again into the ground. Being reabsorbed there and taking with it any obstructions and stress.

One last time imagine drawing deeply from the center of the Earth. Bring the bright green vibration and warmth up through the bottoms of your feet, up your legs into your pelvis. Imagine it gathering power there and moving upward through your belly, ribs, and chest.

Allow some of it to spill down your arms and out your fingertips, the rest of it moving upward, from your chest to your throat, then from your throat filling your entire head. Allow it to spill out the crown of your head and down all sides of your body in all dimensions. Again being reabsorbed by the earth, taking away all impurities, all obstructions.

Now, just allow yourself to reset your energy level for the day. So without thinking about it, just allow it to come to wherever feels level to you. You don’t have to think about where you’re setting it. Just know that if you say I allow my energy to level out and balance, it will do so.

Notice if you feel an opening or loosening somewhere in your body as your energy level finds its balance for the day. Bring your attention to that connection that you have with the earth through the soles of your feet.

Know that you’re always fully supported by the earth and that you can draw this energy up through your body at any point during the day when you need a little boost. As you finish this meditation, take three breaths at your own pace, and slowly open your eyes.



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