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Create a wholehearted life and work in soulful alignment.

As a Holistic Life Coach, Career Coach my work is about helping you transform your life, discover what truly sparks your heart, and allows you to bring emotional glitter and excitement into every aspect of your life. Reengaging with your deepest self, having a plan and a purpose, and seeing the action you need to take is what I’m here to help you achieve. 

Clear old habits, negative thoughts, & behaviour patterns
Learn to shift what’s limiting you
Align yourself to your core values
Map out career transitions
Spark joy in life and work
Create beneficial habits
Set intentions and goals

How We Can Work Together…

Life Coaching

Passion & Purpose

Career Coaching

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Self-Paced Development

Passion & Purpose

1:1 and Group Coaching

Make the changes you need to feel amazing and unstoppable, whether you’re looking to transform your work, your relationships, or another part of your life. I offer a range of coaching options. It’s all about how ready you are to create real change and build wholehearted resilience in your life.


“Coaching with Amrita has changed my entire outlook so much that I feel totally different! I’m stronger and more confident and this led to major changes in my career. I’ve gone from feeling that I had to quit to feeling purpose-driven and supported at work.”

– Safiya M., Operations Manager

Connect & Engage

Speaking & Workshops

Are you seeking a motivational speaker for your next holistic event? Is your team looking for deeper motivation, cohesion, and a sense of purpose? Planning a gathering of friends to do some deeper heart work for yourselves? I offer guided and educational experiences that help groups of all kinds learn creative compassion, deeper awareness, and heightened resilience.


“Amrita is honest and inviting! I am genuinely happy I had the chance to learn about better life practices in her amazing workshop. Don’t miss your chance to change your life by working with her.”

– Trish S., Realtor

Make Real & Permanent Change in Your Life


Are You Ready?

Clients who work with me are able to ditch lives that
“look great on paper” and create purpose-driven lives
of greater success, connection, and joy.

The time to transform your life is now!

Get out of the endless waiting line for confidence,
get clear on what you want, move forward, and
start creating the life you most desire.

Call her. Now. If you’ve been looking for a sign, this is it.  Amrita will guide you from the very first phone call. You can change your life for the better right now. She’ll help you get there with compassion and clear guidance!

– Mandy H., Actor, Producer, Writer

Transforming your life really is possible & simpler than you may think!

No Plaid Suits: How not to have a boring, normal life.

No Plaid Suits, how not to have a boring, normal life, self-help book by Amrita Rose, Denver, CO.

A brisk, useful self-help guide about changing the way we “wear” our lives.

“A self-help guide to enriching your life. In clear and forceful prose, Rose explores all the aspects of human nature that seem to keep everybody figuratively clothed in plaid. She’s always ready with upbeat, straight-talking strategic encouragement, amounting to what she accurately calls “a gritty-nitty-let’s-not-waste-time-get-right-to-it guide” to improving all aspects of our lives by changing the delusional narratives we so often comfort ourselves with. The author is obviously a born teacher; this is a no-nonsense personal motivation book with real heart.”

  • Kirkus Reviews (Starred review)