A seven-minute meditation to release the old and draw in the new.


Allow yourself to fully settle into your seat. Feel free to wiggle your spine and body and then find some stillness, feeling fully supported by the chair, your cushion, or the earth.

Lengthen your spine gently upward, imagining that you could reach the top of your head towards the sky. Lengthening gently down from your sitting bones into the earth without tension. Take one or two deep cleansing breaths to let go of whatever has come before this moment in time. Allow yourself to settle into your breath and into your body fully.

With each inhale, imagine drawing the breath up from below your feet, deep in the earth. Imagine each breath as a gentle wave of blue-green vibration as clear and pure as the clearest ocean water. Each inhale allows you to drink up this beautiful blue-green vibration.

Breath it up into your ankles. Every exhale allows you to release it back to the earth. Bring the next breath of blue-green vibration up to your knees, allowing it to gently rise and exhale it back down to the earth.

Inhale, sipping that blue-green vibration up to your hipbones, letting it slide back down to the earth. Inhale it up to your waist, allowing your whole lower body to fill with blue-green vibration, very clear, very bright, and very cleansing. Allow it to fall back to the earth on the exhale.

Inhale blue-green vibration up into your rib cage. Imagine it expanding your rib cage in every direction, front, and back, side to side. Notice if your ribs feel that they can move a little more freely. Expanding a little more in every direction. Then allow the breath to exhale all the way back down below your feet into the earth.

Sip the next breath of vibration all the way up to your collarbones at the level of your armpits. And again, notice how your entire ribcage expands in all directions with this breath.

Without holding it at the top, allow it to exhale, slowly releasing it all the way back down. Follow its path down and out of your body as you exhale, below your feet and back to the earth.

Again, inhale gently all the way up, bringing blue-green vibration all the way up into the base of your neck and exhaling, following it all the way down to below your feet all the way into the earth.

The next vibration of breath, draw that vibration of oceanic clarity all the way up to the level of your eyes. Imagine it clearing and cleansing your sight in every dimension, on every level, before allowing it to fall back through the earth, taking with it unnecessary ideas, thoughts, and emotions.

Anything you are ready to release, allow to fall back into the earth as well for compost. With a final deep breath, draw that clear vibration all the way from the center of the Earth up through your body, up through the crown of your head, and allow it to spill out the crown of your head, falling gently down your back like rain to be absorbed by the earth.

Two more breaths like that, inhaling all the way up from the center of the Earth through your entire body. Clear blue-green vibration, clearing and cleansing up through the crown of your head, spilling out the crown of your head and down your back. Taking anything unused and unwanted away with it to be reabsorbed by the earth.

One last inhale, drawing that blue-green vibration of clarity and ease up through the bottom of your feet, through your entire body, expanding each area of the body as you breathe upward through the crown of your head, allowing it out the crown of your head to spill down your back and back into the earth.

Now releasing the breathing pattern. Sit quietly. Notice whether you need to breathe or not for the next moment or two.

At your own pace, taking your time, very gently open your eyes, and go on with the rest of your day.





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