This meditation is great for creating an internally balanced sense of calm.

It’s also useful when you’re building a new habit of holding your own boundaries gently. Listen to or practice this short meditation at least once a day and notice what is different after seven days.

Imagine your name like a spiral of blue vibration, different shades of blue, different densities that all vibrate together in a kind of rope or wave.

Imagine this spiral starting from far, far away and below you, spiraling up through and all around you so that you become part of the rope, part of the wave.

You’re being spiraled upward as it continues. If you follow it, you notice that it connects back to itself below you, without being able to see that connection.

You feel it there, one continuous line that connects upon itself. The spiral that connects to spiral your name through you, from your base to the top, drawing you out as though you were a long rope being wound and wound within a larger rope of vibration.

Allow yourself to unwind within the vibration, becoming less of yourself and more of yourself. Less the individual and more awareness of the connection to consciousness. Notice how it feels as you unwind your physical body, allowing it to shear away and unwrap you.

Allow the vibration of this blue rope—all the hues of blue from lightest to darkest, some matte, some shiny, all twisted into this rope and wave. Twisting and untwisting so many times, so easily and smoothly that it becomes unclear whether it is twisting together or twisting apart at any given moment. Within these turns and twists, you’re held.

It’s all around you and within you. Your name is drawn out until that word has very little meaning. Your name no longer means just you in this body. Can you allow that name vibration, that roping blue spiral to twist and untwist through and around you, connecting to all through infinity across the field as a loop that looks like a line?

As you feel your physical body unwinding within the spiral, through the spiral, becoming part of it, notice the inner vibrations unwinding, the inner parts of you dissolve in a dissection. Imagine yourself as this rope coming unwound, creating space within the spiral so that it’s more and more difficult to tell where the parts of you are in parts of the spiral.

All seen as experienced, all seen and experienced as a vibration of blues. There is a sense of one pure hue, unnamed, unnamable. It may be that when you bring your attention to focus on it, you notice lighter and darker, some shining and sparkling, others matte and dull. The more you try to focus on any one line of vibration along this unnamable hue the more you see the spiral as a whole and experience it.

The more you allow yourself to see and experience the whole the more you see the various threads spiraling each upon themselves, through and around you and with each other to create this enormous spiraling rope, threaded, vibration, blue, your name, which is all consciousness, which is you, which is not a name, which is an unnamable. You and the vibration stretch and expand so that there is no beginning or end that you’re aware of. Within this, you come back into yourself and your own physical spiral.

Start to become aware again of the difference between your physical body and the spiral vibration of energy that moves through and around you. Taking your time, allow yourself to relax back into your body, back into your breath. At your own pace, take three easy inhales and three long exhales. Come back inside your physical body and into the space you’re sitting in.



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