Navigating Life’s Crossroads

This month I’ve been on a kick talking about the whys and hows of gaining clarity.

It’s an important subject to dive into but don’t worry, I won’t be heavy and super-serious! Clarity, like everything else in life, can be achieved with humour, kindness and curiosity. In fact, These are some of the best tools to apply when you are working to increase your clarity. Think of clarity as the superhero of focus, action, and boundless energy.

Now, on the flip side, a lack of clarity? Well, that’s like inviting stress to the party, along with its buddies’ inaction, scattered focus, relationship woes, and a generous dose of group or team confusion.

So, where can we hunt for this elusive clarity, you ask? Well, my friend, it’s a treasure hunt.

We can all use a bit of clarity in the following areas of  life:

  • Figuring out your life’s grand mission (or maybe just your weekend plans)
  • Nailing down your morning routine (yes, that snooze button is the enemy!)
  • Getting a grip on your finances (money doesn’t grow on trees, you know)
  • Unravelling the mysteries of improving your relationship (hint: more flowers, fewer socks on the floor)
  • Paving the way to better health (let’s make kale taste like chocolate, shall we?)
  • Deciphering what others expect from you and vice versa (mind-reading isn’t your superpower, after all)
  • Predicting how a meeting is going to go down (or just winging it and hoping for the best)
  • Defining your boundaries in every relationship (no one gets to raid your fridge without permission)

But wait, don’t freak out! Clarity isn’t a one-week crash course and you ARE NOT going to tackle all these at once!

Gaining true clarity is a lifelong journey where you gradually level up. And guess what? The more clarity you find, the more you get to enjoy focus, serenity, and a boost of motivation.

Now, the burning question: How on earth do we summon this clarity wizard into our lives? Here are some absolutely simple steps:

  1. Create some space: Like, seriously, clear your schedule. An hour, half a day, or even a weekend, depending on your epic quest for clarity. Then, follow the other steps.
  2. Journal & explore: Write down your thoughts, even if they sound like a toddler’s doodles. Let those thoughts flow like a river of wisdom.
  3. Meditate & contemplate: Go sit on a rock, have a chat with Mother Nature or Father Sky, and ask yourself, “What the heck do I want here?” You might be surprised by the answers.
  4. Talk to others: Share your wild thoughts and fears with friends. Their wisdom might be as magical as a unicorn.
  5. Write it down: If you stumble upon a hint of clarity, jot it down in two simple sentences. Simple is key!
  6. Take action: You don’t need a grand master plan to start. Just take baby steps in the direction you want to go. Action leads to clarity, my friend.
  7. Reflect after you act: Every now and then, step back, and ponder what you’ve learned. Write it down again. Rinse, repeat, and keep moving forward.

So, there you have it, clarity-seeking adventurer! Don your cape, embrace the journey, and let’s find that clarity while having a few laughs and some great adventures along the way!

If you found this useful- drop a comment below and let me know your fave way to gain clarity!


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