A meditation reconnecting you with your heart and passion


As you settle in for your meditation, allow your whole body to stretch out in every direction. Stretching your arms wide away from each other, reach them up towards the sky, intertwine your fingers and press your palms to the sky.

Lean to the right, leaning to the left, and then twisting left and right, right and left to open up your entire spine, your entire rib cage. Spiral your wrists around. If you’re sitting on a chair, pick up each foot and spiral each ankle around. Notice what it feels like as you move your fingers and toes. You may start to spiral your knees around and open each of your knee joints up, stretching one foot, heel pressing away from you. Then pointing that toe. Then move to the other foot, heel pressing away from you strongly and then pointing that toe. Repeating as feels good.

You can allow your whole pelvis to rock forward, arching your spine and sending your elbows to touch behind you. Next, roll your shoulders inward and pull your belly button towards your spine. Roll your pelvis forward again, arching your back, maybe even looking up towards the ceiling. Then allow your shoulders to rise towards your ears, rolling your shoulders forward.

Pull your belly button fully towards your spine. Gaze towards the ground on an exhale. Inhale, roll everything open again and shrug your shoulders gently around, finding some stillness in the body. Allow your hands to rest gently on your thighs, palms up or down.

Notice your breathing and then bring your attention to your heartbeat. Imagine diving inside your body. Imagine listening with every possible sense to your heartbeat.

As you listen quietly with curiosity, can you start to notice that you’re hearing your heartbeat not only with your ears but with the vibration in your rib cage? Do you notice that your entire rib cage becomes a kind of vibration or drum that echoes your heartbeat?

As you listen more carefully, you may notice that you start to hear several variations. You may be aware of the right side and the left side of your heart beating independently and in tandem. That one beats and then the other follows.

Sit quietly and bring your focus deep into your heart. Noticing the left and right sides as they contract and expand, contract and expand, contract and expand out with blood and fresh energy. Contracting and then enlarging once more.

Bring your attention to the bottom and back of your heart. Do you notice the sweetness that exists at the back of your heart, deep in its center? Beyond the contraction, beyond the breath. Allow your mind and imagination to dive deeply into that sweet, deep, rich center of your heart.

Notice how your breath may have calmed and evened out the longer you pay attention to your heartbeat. You may notice that your heartbeat is spreading more widely. You may feel it’s filling your entire chest as you become even more deeply aware of the area in the back of your heart.

You may feel an increasing warmth and calm and sweetness. Allow your breathing to be easy.

Give yourself another several rounds of breath. Simply being with your heart, appreciating how hard it’s beating. How consistently and how much sweetness are there in its depths

Allow yourself a few more rounds of breath to appreciate the experience of your own heartbeat. When you feel complete, go on about your day.




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