“Intention is what happens when things go awry and you still keep going”. – Amy Kosh

To be honest, I’ve failed again and again and again…..

Over and over, time after time. Failure, sitting and staring me in the face.

Wondering what failures look like in my book?

Here’s a short list from the past week:

  • I did it just last week when I “failed” to post my second book review here, on Medium. And I think I even “failed” a second time when I didn’t write the damn thing on Saturday even though I had every intention of doing so.
  • I “failed” publicly when I led a FB Live meditation outside and a really loud compressor kicked on 2 minutes into the broadcast and I had to pick up and move and keep calm while looking for a new spot to finish. It was only a 5-minute meditation people…. LOL
  • On another FB Live my iPad fell over when I tapped the timer and made a huge THUMP that jarred everyone including me out of the peaceful moment.
  • I “failed” to work on my book the past 2 weeks and I can’t even figure out what holding me back right now.
  • I spent an hour dicking around with iCloud because it wouldn’t sync between devices and was driving me crazy when I wanted to write posts on my iPad and laptop.
  • My dog is pretty sure I am “failing” every day that I don’t take her for a run somewhere she can chase things off-leash.
  • I haven’t managed to make dinner once this week, though somehow it doesn’t seem to matter.
Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

Seeing a trend here?

All these things that took my time, that upped my frustration level and made me do a whole lotta s i i i i i i i i ghing this week……

Well, they don’t really matter.

Not one of them.


“Intention is what happens when things go awry and you still keep going”.

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

What I realised when I started looking at all the ways that I’d “failed” were that all these things that tend to tie my psyche in knots, aren’t relevant to my happiness.


It’s at this point that I sat my butt down with a tall glass of water and made a list. (….Of course I did, because it’s what I do)

On paper

And then I read it over

Once, twice, thrice

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

And what I noticed at about the 27th time I read it…..?

10 simple pieces of age-old wisdom that I have heard, (or read) like a million times in my 54 years and yet, as my grandma said… “They bear repeating”.

10 Wisdoms for Everyday:

  1. Almost nothing matters as much as we want to THINK it matters.
  2. We are usually our own worst and harshest critics.
  3. Nobody is paying that much attention to you anyway.
  4. It’s not carved in stone (unless you are a sculptor and then, yes, it is.)
  5. You can always, always, always change your mind.
  6. Kindness goes a long way to paving forgiveness.
  7. Practice makes perfect and practice involves repeatedly failing to beperfect.
  8. Think first, talk second.
  9. Planning + opportunity + practice = Good Luck
  10. The dog will forgive you.

There you have it.

They aren’t anything new and you can start thumbing your nose at me right now if you like….


You can do what I did and find some gratitude that the world keeps tossing sh*t at us so that we have to be reminded of this stuff on a regular basis.

Because it IS useful to be reminded.

Because we all have a lot to do.

Because we are human, fallible and wonderfully distractible.

All of us.

Together in the same boat……..Paddling.

Photo by Mathias Herheim on Unsplash

and…. What is one thing that you have been reminded of lately that helped you through a tough moment?

I’d love to hear… 🙂

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