Let’s Heal The World

Aug 27, 2018 | Awareness

Under A Full Moon

Something is shifting…

Photo by Tony Detroit on Unsplash


We are heading out of a full moon, that used to mean very little to me aside from how delightful I find the moon to be. Years spent in childhood observation of the stars and a few great astronomy teachers in grammar school, instilled in me a better than average knowledge of what I am looking at when I look up.

Now I look up and out and I see things that I can’t imagine ever existing. There’s a fabric to it all that’s observable, (at least to me). Sometimes it shimmers, sometimes it’s only felt or sensed, yet I trust that it is there all the same.

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash


I feel that the the world is on fire and the people within it burning up themselves and each other. I see it everyday when I read the news. I can’t bring myself to watch it on TV, etc… any longer. It’s upsetting and heart-breaking enough just to see it in print. I wonder that people can’t see the bigger picture. They can’t see that they are burning up and burning each other. They rush faster and faster, filled with hate and stress and fear and it’s like watching a child on fire spinning in circles from the pain, yet no-one can stop it happening. Heart-breaking doesn’t do what I feel justice. There are no words for the ache in my body, the ache in my heart.

I am hoping that some of you reading this will help everyone around you heal by bringing compassion, patience and love to every single person you meet each day.


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