creative woman walking dog

Coffee-shop lessons on creativity from a 6-year old.


This morning as I sit working in my favourite coffee shop, in walks a 6-yr old girl. Her arms are filled with stuffed animals, a book and the coolest and most creative thing I’ve seen in a long while….

This kid has no fear, no hesitation. She eyeballs the seat she wants, starts by setting all her animals on the table next to the blond woman typing at her laptop. She smiles as she unloads her bounty and then since she now has the attention of the typist, is showing off the metallic ring of spirals, by rolling it up and down her arm.

And we adults are mesmerised. Heck! Even the guy next to me who I’ve not seen look up in the past hour is eyeing the pattern of shifting light as she spirals this thin metal sculpture up and down her tanned arm. It’s got all the magic of a slinky and the added attraction of being creative, unique, flexible and large enough for us adults to imagine playing with it too.

She informs us that it’s a “Flow Ring”, and then turning back to her pile of fun, she brings out a notepad and coloured pencils and settles down to draw, all the while carrying on an animated conversation with her mom.

She reminded me of how wonder and creativity feed each otherSimply by watching her for a few minutes I found myself feeling happier and more energised about my own day.

The shift was so easy and small and I am now thinking about how I can bring more of this fortuitous wonder into my daily life. What could I do that would make me feel this same feeling of lightness, eagerness even, the feeling that I want to leap into my day instead of merely plodding in.

It’s like being at the seashore and running right into the ocean waving your arms and screaming with delight. When is the last time I did that? When’s the last time you did?

Let’s aim to inspire– to be creative, and invite others to do the same.

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