1. Open two bank accounts, one for necessities and one so you can save for the “fun stuff” in life.
  2. Do a serious spring cleaning on your whole life at least once a year. Clear out old items from your house, old ideas from your mind, and old habits that no longer serve you.
  3. Make a list of the ten things that make you deep down, dancing-around-the-living-room happy.
  4. Buy one cookbook that inspires you and cook your way through it over the course of a year.
  5. Learn to change a car tire, even if you don’t have a car.
  6. Do one thing a day that makes you laugh out loud.
  7. Learn to read a paper map correctly.
  8. Learn to drive a manual transmission car.
  9. Learn how to make an omelet.
  10. Take two minutes and dance around your kitchen at least once a week.
  11. Go for a walk and simply listen to what the world really sounds like.
  12. Spend 2 minutes each day appreciating the sky.
  13. Learn to read a compass.
  14. Learn to read a ruler.
  15. Learn a foreign language.
  16. Pay for a stranger’s coffee or tea.
  17. Hold the door open for a stranger and smile.
  18. Cut yourself some slack when you are having a really bad day.
  19. Have at least one really good, sharp knife in your kitchen.
  20. Learn to sew.
  21. Read a poem out loud once a week.
  22. Sing your favorite song at the top of your lungs.
  23. Own a decent jacket.
  24. Toss out socks with holes in them (or learn to darn them).
  25. Clear out any clothes you haven’t worn in 2 years.
  26. Be willing to be silly.
  27. Laugh at yourself.
  28. Trust your intuition.
  29. Learn one new fact every week.
  30. Don’t let laundry or frustrations pile up.
  31. Splash in the nearest stream, pond, ocean, or lake.
  32. Take yourself on a date.
  33. Write a love letter to yourself.
  34. Clear out clothes that make you feel like someone else.
  35. Let your home be a haven.
  36. Buy flowers for yourself.
  37. Treat yourself to something that makes you giggle and costs less than $5.00.
  38. Put away electronics at least one hour before bedtime, for better sleep.
  39. Make S’mores for absolutely no reason.
  40. Get the T.V. or screen out of your bedroom.
  41. Trust that who you are is worthy of love.
  42. Create a “Joy Jar” of daily accomplishments.
  43. Finger-paint.
  44. Invite a friend for a walk, bike ride, or hike.
  45. Bundle up, bring hot cocoa, and sit on a beach in winter.
  46. Do one thing that stretches your mind every day.
  47. Stretch your body for five minutes every day.
  48. Practice push-ups until you can easily do 50 without stopping.
  49. Change your toothbrush every six months.
  50. Have one computer-free day every week.
  51. Stop working weekends.
  52. Don’t talk baby-talk to kids.
  53. If something feels impossible, break it down into smaller action steps.
  54. Learn to be alone. Practice until you can happily be alone for a day or more.
  55. Trim your eyebrows.
  56. Don’t wear shoes you can’t walk a mile in.
  57. Give yourself 72 hours before you try to solve a problem.
  58. Be gracious to yourself and others.
  59. Allow yourself an extra fifteen minutes to get anywhere.
  60. Be five minutes early for meetings.
  61. Be fifteen minutes late for dinner parties.
  62. Don’t bring chips of any kind to a potluck.
  63. Change your socks.
  64. Find a color that makes you happy and wear it more often.
  65. Dance while you walk your dog.
  66. Lie under the stars once a week.
  67. Practice holding elbow plank pose for at least two minutes a day.
  68. Take seven minutes of deep inhaling and exhaling before you get out of bed in the morning.
  69. Let yourself sleep in at least once a week.
  70. Go to a county fair and ride the Ferris wheel and carousel.
  71. Remember you don’t have to fix everything.
  72. Don’t share personal news or information that isn’t yours.
  73. Let your friends know you value them.
  74. Don’t ghost people.
  75. Invite someone on a picnic.
  76. Set aside some money each week, even if it’s $10.00, then invest it after six months. Repeat twice a year.
  77. Watch more comedy.
  78. Have a civil conversation with someone you disagree with and really listen.
  79. Blow soap bubbles.
  80. Remember you are the creator of your own happiness.
  81. Choose work that you love and that excites something in you.
  82. If you are bored at work, find some way to make it more interesting, challenging and productive.
  83. Cook dinner for friends.
  84. If you hate cooking, then throw a potluck gathering.
  85. Not everything needs a response.
  86. Be generous and honest with your praise.
  87. Take time each day to name one thing that went well that day.
  88. Treat your family and friends with respect.
  89. Be creative in problem-solving.
  90. Remember, your romantic partner is not your “be-all-and-end-all,” they are human.
  91. No job is beneath you.
  92. Whatever you do, give it your all, every time.
  93. Life is messy, the messier the more alive.
  94. Grief is personal—take your time and find your own way through it, no matter what everyone around you thinks.
  95. Substitute fruit for sugary snacks.
  96. Allow yourself to be surprised.
  97. Ask, “What’s the best that could happen?”
  98. Check in with how you are feeling.
  99. Keep your daily “to-do” list to three items.
  100. Write yourself a love note on your bathroom mirror.
  101. Tell one person a day something you appreciate about them.
  102. Try one new thing a month even if it’s an epic failure.
  103. Learn to balance on one foot with your eyes closed.
  104. Wash your face, brush your teeth and fix your hair every day.
  105. Socks don’t have to match every time.
  106. Toss holey underwear.
  107. Try not to spend any money for a day, a week, or a month.
  108. Face your fears—they are not silly, but they might be getting in your way.
  109. Write a personal mission statement.
  110. Clearly define your top five personal core values.
  111. Learn to apologize thoughtfully.
  112. Don’t make excuses.
  113. Stop saying “just.”
  114. Be considerate and open doors for others.
  115. Own your mistakes.
  116. Failure leads to success when you keep working
  117. Pick up trash when you are out walking.
  118. Have an ice cream.
  119. Be honest and tactful.
  120. Thank yourself daily for something you did.
  121. Get enough sleep, whatever “enough” is for you.
  122. Take a vacation of some kind, even if it’s one day.
  123. Breathe deeply when waves of strong emotions overtake you.
  124. Practice seeing the people you know well as though for the first time.
  125. Ask yourself how you can respect yourself in one specific action each day.
  126. Replace “but” with “and…” and see what happens.
  127. Remember you don’t have to say yes to everything.
  128. Meet problems gently, and head-on.
  129. Accept compliments wholeheartedly.
  130. Learn to listen and compromise.
  131. Lean into your own strengths.
  132. Remember all the experiences you have gathered in life.
  133. Don’t ask “Why?” Ask “What?” or “How?”
  134. Think of ten things you’re grateful for and name them out loud.
  135. Write a letter of gratitude to someone and read it or send it to them.
  136. Learn the lyrics to a new song.
  137. Volunteer to help someone this week.
  138. Allow courage to surface.
  139. Being vulnerable is a strength.
  140. Learn to whistle.
  141. Pay attention to what your heart truly wants to create.
  142. Find a new route to work or for your next dog walk.
  143. Meet at least one other person for socializing each week.
  144. Create a ritual for yourself to release old habits that don’t serve you.
  145. Buy a helium balloon, smile, and give it to the first person you meet.
  146. Explore something near where you live, that is totally unknown to you.
  147. Take an art class—even if you think you aren’t artistic.
  148. Grab a friend and go to a new social meet-up.
  149. Trust that we get to be silly and most people won’t even notice.
  150. Give up caffeine for a week and see how you feel.
  151. Learn to type better.
  152. Put at least one game on your smartphone.
  153. Practice forward folds so you can touch your toes easily every morning.
  154. Take a one-minute cold shower every day.
  155. Get a pedicure at least once in your life.
  156. Get a really fancy manicure at least once in your life.
  157. Treat yourself to a hotel breakfast even if it’s in the town you live in.
  158. Travel at least 300 miles from where you live once a year.
  159. Get a physical check-up once a year.
  160. Check your vitamin D levels.
  161. Remember that everyone looks weird on video calls at one point or another.
  162. Dress to impress yourself.
  163. Write a poem.
  164. Keep a gratitude journal for a month and notice what changes in your life.
  165. Use moisturizer and sunblock 365 days a year, even if you are inside most of the day.
  166. Wake up to a song you love and dance while brushing your teeth.
  167. Bike or walk to work if you can.
  168. Find something to laugh at every day.
  169. Enjoy sex.
  170. Trust your heart.
  171. Clean behind your fridge and oven.
  172. Try time-blocking your weekly schedule to better balance work and fun.
  173. Forgive your parents.
  174. Forgive yourself.
  175. Wear something that makes you feel amazing at least once a week.
  176. Train your puppy.
  177. Don’t mix light and dark clothes in the wash.
  178. Smile at strangers
  179. Read a book for fun at least once every two months.
  180. Buy flowers at the grocery store and hand them to the person who checks out after you.
  181. Accept that no one is perfect.
  182. Ask your friends to tell you five things they love about you.
  183. Tell your friends six things you love about them.
  184. Don’t argue when someone compliments you.
  185. Remember, guilt moves us to action, shame stops us in our tracks.
  186. You are not your parents.
  187. Choose what life you want to create for yourself.
  188. When you get stuck, ask yourself what you’d advise your BFF to do.
  189. Practice handstands.
  190. Let yourself enjoy life.
  191. Have a pocket knife and corkscrew handy.
  192. Forgive your siblings.
  193. Remember that you are responsible for your own happiness.
  194. Let others be who they are.
  195. If your dog barks for more than eight minutes, bring her inside.
  196. Plant wildflowers wherever you can.
  197. Do something that scares you a bit, every six months.
  198. If you think you can’t… you won’t.
  199. Ask for more hugs.
  200. Let your heart shine big and bright in the world, whatever that looks like for you!


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