You already know how to make your life better.

Learning to tune into your intuition, your gut, and your imagination will help you feel happier and more successful.

Paying attention to your body is the single greatest thing you can do to make your life better.  And I’m not just talking about eating more healthily or exercising smarter or more often, (though they also help amp up your life). When you increase your awareness of the messages your body sends you every day, you amp up your energy and move yourself closer to your goals.

Want to know more about how paying attention to your body will help you make better life decisions?

Trumpet Blare…….

Gut = Intuition = Knowledge

The most direct way to work with your “gut”, your intuition, or as I like to call it, “all-the-stuff-you-have-accumulated-knowledge-about-but-have-been-unwilling-to-give-yourself-credit-for”, is to understand how to listen to your own body.

This is called somatic awareness.

You can also just call it, “ what I know deep down inside”.

Here’s the thing- you have to DO it…….. not THINK about it.

Thinking about what you know only leads to more confusion and you’ll be stuck in your head for fucking forever.

To make your life better, you want to be out of your head and into your body.

The good news is that it’s simple to practice, you get to use your imagination. The more you do it the easier it will be and the more nuanced your awareness becomes. So grab a notepad and try this out now…..

**Before you begin, choose something that you are wanting to make a decision about as your “topic”. This way you have a concrete idea to work with. Then let your imagination take over for the practice. Trust whatever crazy images, emotions or ideas pop into your head during the practice. I highly recommend jotting quick notes while you do this practice.

Thinking about what you think you know only leads to more confusion and you’ll be stuck in your head for fucking forever.

How to Make Your Life Better in 6 Steps.

  1.  Start by closing your eyes and stand tall and relaxed.
  2.  Breathe deeply and smoothly and pay attention to how smooth your breath is.
  3.  Starting at the top of your head, imagine scanning your body from top to bottom for the location of the tension or question about your topic.
  4.  Notice as many qualities about the area of tension as you can. What shape, colour, size is it? What texture or weight? What is the emotion? Is the thing hollow or squishy? Notice as much as you can! If whole images come to mind- GREAT! Write them down.
  5.  Ask: “What information is here for me”?
  6.  Ask: “What do I need to do to let this go or shift it out of my way”?

**Take a couple deep breaths again and review your notes. What new information is here for you now? What do you know, and I mean KNOW is true right this minute?

Bonus Section:

List the 3 actions you know you need to take to make your life better and move yourself closer to your goals or desired outcomes.

List the next 3 actions you need to take to move you closer to your goal.

Practice Makes Perfect

The more often you check in with your “gut” or intuition or body-knowledge, the more you use somatic awareness, the faster and easier decision-making becomes and the faster you make your life better. Every time you practice your body and mind learn to talk to each other and the flow of information from one to the other is faster and clearer each time.

By increasing your awareness of what you already know, and then by moving yourself into action steps, you will feel powerful and successful.

The more you practice the easier it gets and the closer you move to making your life better and living the life you truly want.

So what are you waiting for?…………. Give it a try today!