Open and reconnect you to your own compassion center.

When we are connected to this energetic center in our own energy fields, we are better able to maintain alignment with ourselves during stressful times.


Settle into your seat and allow your body to move until you find a comfortable, grounded position with your feet flat on the floor. Bring your attention to the compassion center located halfway between your heart and the base of your throat.

Notice a clear, crystalline, pink, brilliant vibration much like a rose quartz color, very clear, very intense, but cool in temperature. Allow that simply to start to grow. It may start as a spark or it may start as a sphere or a line, the form doesn’t matter.

Allow that crystalline, clear pink, vibration to expand very gently, without forcing anything. You can breathe through your mouth, through your nose, whatever works. Focus your attention on that expansion, so you’re noticing the expansion as it happens rather than creating it. You may notice that it expands in a more linear form, or in a spherical form. It might be just a blob, it might be like a fog. Whatever form it expands in is perfect. Allow it to draw sideways so that it is expanding sideways from left to right, and becomes wider than your body.

You may notice there’s a certain width it hits, and it’s going to stay there. It may feel about a foot to a foot and a half-width, out from either side of your body to the left and the right.

Notice the width that it has expanded front and back, that might be the same, it might be a little bit less. Again, whatever it expands to is perfect. So, you’re following the expansion with your intention rather than creating it. Now bring your attention to the front of that crystalline pink vibration and start to notice a very clean, thin line of vibration moving from your compassion center in your physical body outward towards the horizon.

It goes past the horizon— you can’t actually see where it ends—and then it loops back towards you. So, it‘s doubling the energy coming back. Increasing the vibration and increasing what we can call the quantity, although that’s not quite accurate, but the quantity of vibration coming back to you, allowing you to fill your own compassion center.

You may notice that the vibration within your energy field becomes a little richer.

It might feel a little more energetic and a little denser, but the color gets a little bit richer, deepening slightly as it fills. As the compassion center within your own energy body fills it begins to spill outward in a funnel from the front of your body.

Notice that you can direct this funnel to be narrow or wide. You can choose to funnel this excess of compassion outward generally, or to a specific person, or people who would use some extra compassion right now.

Go wider still and more broadly to the very ground where you’re sitting, sending it outward to any people in your neighborhood or community, to any beings in your general vicinity, or even more widely to the state, the country, the continent, the planet, however widely you want.

Notice if there’s a point where it just normally or naturally feels like it’s ending or trailing off, and if you feel as though it has extended a little too far, just draw it back in a little. It might feel like a little slurping of the energy back in until you feel like you’ve got that funnel of energy moving outward as an excess in an amount or a level that feels suitable to where your energy level is now, so not overextending yourself.

Simply notice how it feels to extend that compassion and that vibration, which is excess of what you need. Notice if there’s a cooling sensation in your own physical body, a kind of settling.

Taking three or four easy and full breaths at your own pace, allow that funnel to slowly fold upon itself, coming to a very gradual and natural ending. So that you still are retaining the fullness of compassion and energy in your own body, your own energy field.

Take your time to breathe, as you come to the end of whatever feels like the right number of breaths for you, gently open your eyes.


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