Listen to Dr. Melissa Bird’s Special Interview with life coach, career coach & author Amrita Rose

From Melissa, “Join me for this very special conversation with the AMAZING Amrita Rose. She is a remarkable coach who works with people who are making life and career decisions. She is the author of the book No Plaid Suits: how not to have a boring, normal life.”

I loved going live with Melissa! we talked about writing, “No Plaid Suits”, the process of creating transformation and life choices that help or hinder us.

One of the key points that came up in our discussion was about being practical. Here’s a bit from our conversation:

Dr. Bird:  “There’s a couple of things that I wanted to pick out of the book today so people can really have a nice swath of what it is. First of all, I love how easy it is to read. Let me just say it’s a flow, y’all if you’re looking for a lovely, helpful, just really beautiful book about how to shift your life, this one is really good. So you have this chapter called “Practical Stuff. Why is it important for people to understand the practical stuff?


Amrita: I am really practical and if you travel with me, you know, I always have things like string, duct tape, paper maps, napkins and bandaids, a pocket knife, and things like that. There are a couple of reasons I think being practical is important, and I’m gonna start with the really deepest one first. The underlying reason is that when we understand how to live in a very practical way, we can resource whatever we need at a particular moment. That builds a sense of clarity and self-confidence in us. When we feel self-confident we feel like we can tackle almost anything. It allows us to transform and we can figure out how to solve most of the problems that come up without panicking and without creating a huge mess. So that’s, that’s why practical stuff. Its all about grounding the transformations we want to create in our lives.

Listen to our conversation HERE.

Interview Length: 25:31     Date Released:  January 20th, 2023

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