In this episode, Karen and I dive deep into how to reconnect with our hearts, what prevents us from doing so, and how to align with our truest selves.

Every week Karen Roberts discusses everything from holistic health to current affairs from a mental, physical, and spiritual perspective, on her podcast, Coffee with Karen. In this episode, Karen welcomes the lovely Amrita Rose, a writer, life, and career coach, and wisdom worker. We delve into how to reconnect with your heart and reclaim yourself, a topic that’s essential for anyone seeking growth and personal development.

Truth be told, Karen and I could have gone on talking about this topic for another 4 hours! I loved having the opportunity to share techniques and practical tips to help anyone watching forge a stronger connection and re-align to their heart. Living in heartful alignment is what helps give our lives meaning and allows us to relax into life, dream big and create bigger!

Interview Length: 54:10 Β Β Β  Date Released:Β  May 15th, 2023

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