I had a great time as a guest on the Tavern Productions podcast today! Brandon Coleman and Landon Williams are two great guys who love hosting deep and vibrant conversations about all sorts of topics ranging from Life and career boosts, musical guests, transgender journeys, federal cheese caves, understanding anxiety and depression, and much, much more! You never know what these two will introduce you to next, so I was honored to be a guest.

Listen to the episode HERE.

Check them out at: The Tavern Podcast

We covered a whole lot of ground in our conversation. I talked about how I got into coaching from an academic and photographic background, to how I ended up living in my car for a bit as a teenager, (because “human!”, we all make dumb decisions sometimes). We touched on being neuro-divergent and autistic, (which I also am) and talked about writing and writers and books. Turns out I’m not the only one with a book inside her…

Join me on this hour of great conversation with Brandon and Landon at The Tavern Productions Podcast.

S2. Ep.14 Interview with Denver, Colorado, and global Life and Career Coach, Amrita Rose.

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