What practising forgiveness is all about.

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

We often think of forgiveness as something we are doing or giving to another person, but that’s not really what we are doing when we forgive.

Forgiveness is something we give ourself.

It’s the way we come to terms with the wound we feel, the hurt we experience and it’s how we heal.

The other person or persons might never know we’ve “forgiven” them. We might never again see them or speak to them. And it doesn’t matter.

Forgiveness is how we release ourself from the constraints and restrictions our anger and pain placed upon us.

When we give ourself the gift of forgiveness, we reclaim our power, our authenticity and our sense of self in a big way.

By forgiving, we allow ourselves to move from anger and suffering and live into joy and wonder.

Forgiveness is not dependent on anyone else.

We don’t need another’s words to forgive, (tho’ often we desire them).

We don’t need another person to forgive us, tho’ again, we often wish they would.

The most powerful change we can create in ourselves is by forgiving ourselves for being human, fallible and messy.

Because we all are, all of that, at one time or another.



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