A meditation for loosening the entire body and building subtle energy.


Settle into your seat. Feel free to move around a little as you settle in, shaking out your arms and legs, shoulders, hips, and ribcage. Give your neck a few rolls around in one direction and then reverse.

Slowly start to spiral your body, from your hip bones all the way up to the top of your head, allowing all the parts of your body from your hips upward to spiral at their own pace. You might start with a quick spiral and move slowly. You might start with a slow one and quicken it as you go. Allow the spiral to take on its own shape and flavor.

You can start with all the parts of your torso moving as one. Notice that as they warm, they start to move at their own pace, creating a series of smaller spirals linked almost like looking at an external version of DNA. Allow the movement to find its own rhythm and its own pace, and notice what direction the spiral is in without needing to change anything.

Allow the muscles in your entire torso to loosen even more. The spiral becomes its own dance, its own breath.

If emotions bubble up, or thoughts arise, imagine them spiraling all the way out and up, out of your head, right into the sky. Breathing as easily and gently and quickly as feels right to you in this moment.

If thoughts and emotions come up, does your spiral change? How quickly can you let go of thinking the thoughts or getting caught in the emotions? Once again, imagine breathing them up and out this top of the spiral.

Whatever direction you have been spiraling in, take a deep breath in stillness and spiral in the opposite direction. Moving in a way that may feel awkward in the beginning. As you very gently unwind the spiral of breath that you have been creating. You may notice that you feel as though you’re hunkering down and reconnecting with the earth where it might have felt in the beginning that you were spiraling upward and reaching for the sky.

Perhaps you started by reconnecting with the earth and grounding, and now you’re lengthening upward. Whatever direction you find yourself spiraling in is perfect.

Know that each time that you practice, you may find yourself starting in a different direction. Trust that your body is leading you in the direction it needs to wind and unwind. There is no right or wrong way to spiral.

Let your breath be easy as you spiral in this second direction. Again, notice if emotions or thoughts arise. Can you let them go at the end or at the peak of your spiral, releasing them down into the earth or upward into the sky? Clearing your entire system and your physical body, the entire spiral of your DNA, of anything that can be released right now.

As you settle into the last minute, the last full 60 seconds of this practice, find your way to stillness.

Notice that as you bring your body to a central point, you may feel as though you’re a bit suspended between source and earth, between sky and ground.

You may feel weightless. You may feel fully grounded. Simply notice what absolute stillness and breath feel like this last 30 seconds.

Allow yourself to remain in this stillness of breath, the stillness of breathing for as long as you would like in your practice today.



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