Some days I start out to work on my book.. and poems show up clamouring to be written, so I oblige.

Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

Words As Stones

Some days the words come spilling out of me


like pebbles pouring over the lip of a waterfall



they make little cracking sounds

as they strike each other

beneath the surface of my mind.


Other days they roll forth like boulders

slow and heavy

rolling down a slope covered in thick summer grasses

slow and heavy

the ground shaking with each rotation.


The pebbles are the smaller, faster words

daily words

coffee-cup and pencil

laundry and dog-food.

These words pile up against each other

damming my thoughts with day-to-day items

until something bigger gets shoved through

and they spill over

flowing sometimes out of my mouth

a river of thoughts and words


like the marbles in the hand of a child.


The boulders ARE.

big grey heavy things

weighty, stolid and friendly-seeming

these are bigger words

they require time

contemplative words holding enormous meanings.

love and resistance

thought and calm

tremble, inkling and explore.

These are words that build foundations

words that can build walls

if not carefully placed

words that can raze cities

shift tides

create universes.


Every once in a blue moon

there comes a day when the words

become spaces

and the spaces link arms

filling up minutes

hours filled with

something other than words or ideas.

On these days

I look up at the sky

trailing clouds and stars

following bees and bird-wings

my mind spacious and open

lighted by sunshine or moonlight

humming from my feet to the top of my head

hands brushing grasses or snow

nothing needing doing

no pebbles

no boulders

no words.


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