About Amy Kosh, Resilience Life Coach

The mission of An Unstoppable Life Coaching is to support my clients in building skills for creating change and living a life they love by inspiring curiosity about what is truly possible through the rediscovery of resilience and courage.

Amy Kosh is a trained and certified, PCC level Presence-Based Life Coach. She is certified in Positive Psychology and is a Kripalu Registered Yoga Teacher, (E-RYT 500). Additionally, she holds ICF Certification from Souluna Life Coaching, an MFA from Bard College, and an MA from American University. Amy has presented workshops in Integrative Meditation®, Wellness Coaching for the United States Navy Shipyard, and a variety of yoga, meditation, and workshops in Positive Psychology and Stress-reduction for the legal profession. She developed and led a program of Mindfulness and Yoga at the Center for Mental Health & Wellness, at Parkland Medical and at the Johnson Center for the Arts. Currently, Amy leads workshops in resilience at Next Step Recovery and Alchemy Apothecary & Acupuncture, in Asheville, NC, as well as resilience-building workshops and coaching in Canada and The U.S.

Ms. Kosh coaches individuals and groups to discover and reach their true potential through the research-based fields of Positive Psychology, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and Body-Awareness. Using a diverse set of tools, clients learn to create healthy relationships, emotional resilience, meaningful work/life balance, genuine happiness and a balanced and thriving life. Amy meets with clients from around the world by videoconference and phone. Amy began coaching after a very successful, decades-long career as a university professor. She has also consulted in research and development at Johnson & Johnson, and for Leica Camera. Click here to read my story.


Amy Kosh is now accepting applications for people ready to co-create An Unstoppable Life with the support of a resilience life coach.

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Success Stories

  • We invited Amy to coach for our men’s fitness and health program and were consistently impressed with the way in which Amy so adeptly helped men on their individual journeys. Many of our clients have gotten back to us to thank us for the experience of working with her and have emanated gratitude for the the experience.

    Sean Program Director, Man-Up Health
  • The way in which Amy spoke with me during our initial session instilled within me a real sense of urgency to love and care for myself out of a sense of pride. Her coaching has helped me to live it; not just speak it.

    Robert Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Every time I talk with Amy, I come away feeling that she has seen a deeper quality in me, appreciating something that others don’t understand about me. I thank her again for that. Ultimately, Amy got me to a place where I felt like I had action items that made sense for me.

    Natasha Musician & Yoga Instructor
  • I discovered new and helpful ways to problem solve in my day to day life. Amy helped me see things through perspectives I had never before explored. I found it much easier to handle stress in my life.  Thank you Amy!

    Maggie Grad Student
  • What Amy does feels organic and natural. She is a world class listener, who makes me feel what I have to say matters. I hope other people try Amy’s coaching and get as much out of it as I am, I leave feeling so positive and excited about each session and the changes I am creating in my life.

    Dave Landscaper
  • I love Amy’s energy as a coach and how she is able to roll with the punches, and convey acceptance while doing so.  She introduced me to some yoga-based techniques and I know that there is actually neuroscience to support techniques like that, to support cognitive flexibility and shift. they were not techniques I was familiar with from my own training so I learned something new there, too.

    Felicia Clinical Psychologist
  • Amy connects… Amy connected with everyone in our group, motivating each one of us to look at one’s life with a new clarity and reflection. She provides great tools to be successful in creating significant changes in life.

    Linda Marketing Director
  • A question Amy asked in a workshop really connected with me…”How do I see myself in 10 years?”  That made a difference because, if I don’t change and try to achieve my goals, I’ll be exactly the same in 10 years! Doesn’t make change any easier, but sure gave me the drive to put the changes into place.  Thanks Amy!

    Andree Program Director
  • I appreciate Amy’s thoughtful approach to life coaching. Amy created a foundation that seems very pragmatic and clear, leaving me as the client feeling confident in the process and of a positive outcome.

    Becka Farmer & Mom
  • Amy is the kind of person who enriches the world around her. She’s not here to impress anyone with BS, she tells it like it is, real and raw. I’m a yoga instructor just getting started off on this part of my journey, and Amy has been a blessing in my life; such a giver. She helps me to see the big picture, and has the experience and perspective to give excellent advice without it feeling overbearing. I always look forward to our interactions as I know I will come away a better person.

    Farrell Yoga Instructor & Personal Trainer

Professional Credentials

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Do you want to be resilient and live an Unstoppable Life?

I coach people to create and live fully into lives that make them feel truly unstoppable! I coach people into living their happiest most successful lives. That means short-term, practical coaching that allows people to learn, for themselves, the tools and skills to create an unstoppable life, from this day forward. I know what it takes to live the kind of life that is truly happy and fulfilled and I want to share it with as many people as I can, that’s why I became a life coach.