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Resilience coach & changemaker – Amrita Rose

For over 30 years I’ve been teaching people how to see the world in a different way and to achieve a life they really love.

Moving through the Unstoppable Success Matrix, clients are able to ditch lives that “look great on paper” – often marked with underlying fears, doubt and disconnection – and create purpose-driven lives of greater success, connection and joy.

The Matrix enhances every aspect of the client’s life, from career to relationship to self-image. Anxiety is cleared forever. A process to return to clarity at will is implanted, and clients move freely into true power, self-confidence, and focus.

Are you dying to make a complete and permanent change in your life?

The time is now. Get out of the endless waiting line to success, get clear on what you want, move forward and start creating the life you most desire.

Curious about how it works?

If you’re ready for this change, get on my calendar and let’s talk.

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Find a Meaningful Career

”Amy provided me with the tools to succeed, regardless of circumstance. With her positive feedback, outside perspective, and provision of ‘weekly groundwork’, she was crucially important in helping me navigate the stormy waters of a career change.”

~ Zane J. Medical Resident

Energizing & effective!

”Your coaching is an energizing and effective blend of psychology, spirituality and the nuts & bolts, that really helped me create the transformation I was seeking.”

~ John, Professional Musician and IT Designer.

Individual Sessions

There are a lot of clients and only 1 of me so…I reserve a few spots each month for new clients who are a great fit.

My biggest priority is helping clients who are ready and willing to dive in, take some risks and learn to fully embrace their power and success by working with me and moving through my Unstoppable Success Matrix process.

Curious about how it works?

If you’re ready for this change click here and let’s talk.

Here’s the process:

Step 1: Strategy Call to see if this is the best option for you.

Step 2: If it’s a good fit for both of use, we’ll get your first session scheduled.

Step 3: Amy will send you the Welcome Packet of information, including a questionnaire to help you clarify your goals.

Step 4: We dive into the Unstoppable Success Matrix, create an action-plan, and get you moving forward now.

Step 5: Put your plan into action with manageable steps to reach your goals. You’ll always get accountability & support while working together.

Motivating each person in the group

”Amy connects… Amy connected with everyone in our group, motivating each one of us to look at one’s life with a new clarity and reflection. She provides great tools to be successful in creating significant changes in life.”

~ Linda, Marketing Director.

Adeptly helped on their individual journeys

”We invited Amy to coach for our men’s fitness and health program and were consistently impressed with the way in which Amy so adeptly helped men on their individual journeys. Many of our clients have gotten back to us to thank us for the experience of working with her and have emanated gratitude for the the experience.”

~ Sean, Program Director at Man-Up Health

She's one in a million!

”I love how Amy’s life is filled with her own learning about how to face and embrace the very things her clients are struggling with. She’s been there herself, so she knows how to help you when you’re there, too. If you have a chance to work with Amy, don’t hesitate, she’s one in a million.”

~ Lauren, Marketing Communications.

Happy & reinvigorated in my career!

”In just a short conversation, Amy was able to help me create a complete mental reset about my upcoming career change. In less than 15 minutes she was able to help me see what was really important to me and what would allow me to shift into being truly happy and reinvigorated in my career.”

~ Paul, Senior Sales Executive

Group Workshops & Retreats

Have a group working towards a common goal?

Getting the support of a highly-skilled coach can help you reach your goals faster and with sustainable success.

Whether it’s creating a healthy lifestyle, dealing with stress at work, or enhancing relationships, you’ll get the support and guidance you most need, while working with your tribe in supportive, thoughtful and action-based sessions.

 Book a free strategy call to see if group coaching is right for you. 

Schedule a free 1:1 Strategy call today…and start living life on YOUR terms!

Motivational Speaking

Looking for a dynamic speaker?

Amrita is available to speak at your conference or event, to facilitate workshops or retreats for your organization, or for interview on your podcast or live chat show.

Amrita brings her forthright speaking style and resilience coaching experience to deliver humorous, actionable presentations or workshops about resilience, leadership, creativity and reaching your potential.

You can use the contact form to provide info about your upcoming virtual or in-person event and let’s see if we’re a good fit!



National Speaker, Intuitive Coach & Changemaker

Certified resilience coach helping clients locally and globally online discover ultimate success, radical happiness and excellent health.

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