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7 Terrific Ways to Super Spring Clean Your Life!

Winter is on the way out and we all have some areas that could use some Spring Cleaning. Here are 7 terrific ways to Spring Clean your life that you may never have thought to tackle but each can [...]

How to Have Criticism Make Your Life Amazing!

Knowing how to handle criticism like a pro and how to have it make your life amazing takes some practice. We all have something useful to learn from criticism, whether we are giving or receiving [...]

Is Being Authentic Really Good For You?

When we change the role we are playing in life and start being authentic, others have to learn to adjust to the new us. Sometimes being authentic causes friction in relationships. By knowing this [...]

Spring-Cleaning For Your Body

The simplest changes to make will also help improve your mood, help rev up your metabolism and help you stay healthier- fewer colds/flu,etc…They also will help even out moods and keep you feeling [...]

A Coach on Every Corner

What the hell was going on here? Had I somehow unknowingly landed in the land where coaches go to die? Or was there some wealth of population so in need of help that all the coaches on the planet [...]

How to Move Forward in Life

How to get yourself moving forward when you feel stuck. Move forward in life and create a happier, healthier life that you love waking up to each day. Practical steps to help you life your best [...]

Why Your Need To Live Your Passion

How to live into your passion and create the best and happiest life for yourself. Why you need to live your passion, be honest about what you love in life.

What Role Are You Playing?

Whatever story you are telling yourself about the role you play and how you need to live, may be holding you back from achieving your goals in life.

The Stress-free Holiday

Looking to have a stress-free holiday? How to create new rituals for your holiday season that let you feel refreshed, relaxed and happier than ever.

Risking It All

You can advance your life and reach your goals by being willing to take some big and small risks once in a while. Live bigger and bolder by learning taking a risk.

How To Accomplish Anything

There are many ways you can accomplish your goals and live happier. If you are stuck, this article offers a variety of practical tools for moving forward no matter what your topic.

Surrendering is a Strength

Surrendering to what is really happening, does not mean lying down and giving up. It means accepting reality and then finding ways to soften into what is happening.

The Gift of Perspective

Sometimes it is easy for us to see where we are getting stuck in our own perspectives, our “stories ” and patterns of habit. At other times it is much, much harder. We often don’t understand that [...]

The Blame Game

“It’s all your fault”! “But you….” “Well, you told me to”! Blame sucks. Big-time. And not for the reason you think.

The Happiness Habit

Yah just never know……. Cold morning Lower back spasming ‘cause I pulled it yesterday. Power outage this morning in the midst of writing a huge presentation for a bunch of stressed-out lawyers [...]

Why You Can’t Keep a Journal.

If you aren’t a writer, trying to keep a journal can sometimes feel like torture- but it doesn’t have to be! One of the biggest reasons that people don’t keep up a journal, (even when they are [...]

Playing the Victim Card… Not

“We have to let you go and today is your last day here”. That was what greeted me when I walked into work one Thursday morning not so long ago. I was working as a web developer...

Getting From A to B

We often move through our lives from point A to point B, without considering the journey in between. We move from bed to coffeepot, from house to office to store, from start of work to end of [...]

True Generosity Includes Connexion

At a recent week-long group retreat I learnt something interesting about generosity. It was suggested that we all meet for a group dinner at a local restaurant on the last day. People...

Lost on The Memory Trail

We splashed our way through the prior night’s rain puddles. My dog Velo dove headlong into the shrubbery following the scent of rabbits all along the ridge. About a half mile in we met a true NC [...]

How to Boost Your Confidence

Feeling confident is about really knowing your own strengths and abilities and knowing how to bring those into play no matter what happens. It’s about feeling deeply connected to our own core [...]

Whoooo Are You

"Whoooo are you, who-who, who-who"? I love that quote from The Who- it gets at one of the questions we've all ended up asking ourselves from time to time and it has an interesting answer every [...]

The Butterfly Effect

Every morning, every minute, every time we step out of our houses to go do anything, and actually every minute we stay in our houses we also have choices that we make that shape the rest of our [...]

What Do You Mean I’m Wearing Plaid?

I have a friend who recently lamented to me that women keep leaving him. He was truly puzzled by this behaviour, and to anyone just meeting him, I could see why they’d also be surprised. He’s a [...]

It’s All in The Way You Say It

I don’t know about you, but I love having choices and when I can understand that the thing I am telling myself is only a story I’ve made up, I get the choice to discard part or all of it in an [...]

The Art of Apologies

It’s nothing new. We’ve all done things to apologise for. From the careless comment to the unwelcome advice or thoughtless action, each of us has at one time or another felt a need to apologise [...]

What To Expect When You’re Not Expecting…

Let’s get this clear at the outset- I’m not talking about having a baby. I’m talking about what happens when we give up our expectations. It happened to me this past weekend, and caught me [...]

When Doubt Crashes Life’s Party

I was having one of those days where the sinking feeling rolled over my head just about the time my coffee was ready in the morning and I was glad of having a machine that made 3 cups at a [...]

Give Yourself a Quick Yoga Break

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to do a full practice. Or you have done your daily practice and want to add a few specifics in to work on balance or flexibility. Here I offer a [...]

Hey! There’s A Squid on Your Face

A number of years ago I had a teacher who started out a seminar by greeting each of us with this statement, “Hey! there’s a squid on your face”! It caused a bunch of laughter and some puzzled [...]


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